I like to think that the reason we listen to music is to feel some sort of emotional connection to what we hear. As we’re writing new music and starting the beginning phases of working on our next album, I’ve been trying to find songs that inspire me by giving me that same emotional connection. This playlist is a collection of those songs.

Hero - Frank Ocean, Diplo, Mick Jones and Paul Simonon
I’m always fascinated by collaborations where musicians from completely different genres and generations collaborate. The Clash is one of my favorite bands of all time, so i was beside myself when I saw that the remaining members were collaborating with another favorite — Frank Ocean. I can safely say that I’ve listened to this track at least five times a day since I’ve discovered it. This track is from a series curated by Converse called “Three Artists. One Song.” I strongly recommend giving all of the tracks from this series a listen.

Odd Look - Kavinsky, The Weeknd
I’ve been obsessed with The Weeknd for the last year or so. The production behind all of his songs are unbelievable. Teaming up with Kavinsky lead to a stellar result.

jasmine (demo) - Jai Paul
Jai Paul only has three songs officially released and no full length album in sight. Fans have become so restless for new material from him that they have literally made a petition for Jai’s label, XL to release a full length. His songs are extremely catchy and unlike anything I’ve ever heard.

The Heat - Jungle
Jungle is a mysterious duo from the London. They have great music videos and a sound that is the perfect mix of sounds from the past and present.

Life Round Here - James Blake
James Blake always has the most interesting sounds in his music. He creates sonic textures unlike anything I’ve heard. For a lack of a better way to explain his musics effect on me—it’s your ears equivalent to your hand touching an strange feeling piece of fabric. I know that sounds completely insane, but think about it for a second…

Empire Ants - Gorillaz feat. Little Dragon
When the synth comes in with the drum beat at the end of this song, I get goosebumps every time.

The Zone - The Weeknd feat. Drake
The drum beat and the piano line get me every time. This song reminds me that really simple ideas can sometimes be the best part of a song.

Paradise Circus - Massive Attack
I discovered this track from the opening credits from the TV show Luther (a great show, if you haven’t heard of it). I can’t ever get it out of my head. I love the way that the string arraignment builds and builds at the end of the track.

From Time - Drake feat. Jhene Aiko
I love this Drake album and I love the simplicity of this track.

Wildfire - Sbtrkt feat. Little Dragon
This song is so catchy. Sbtrkt and Little Dragon have such unique styles. It’s interesting to see how those styles working together make something so accessible and bizarre at the same time.