A note from Kelsey Kopecky on Bonnaroo & her reclaimed love affair with music

If music had a home, a place to put up its feet, take off its shoes and stretch out, Bonnaroo would be that place. I paid a visit to music this weekend and found a welcoming host, unashamed by its lack of table linens with stacks of paper to be sorted on the counter. Music reminded me as I sat in the dust with barefooted bohemians, just what I felt by watching a film of Janis Joplin singing “Ball and Chain” in her performance at Monterey Pop Festival; Despite the lace and good posture many try to wrap around the notes, the hair raising is found in the bite and not the lick. (If you will.)

During all 3 of our Bonnaroo performances, I saw a reckless friend in each audience member, ready to carry the burden or flight of each song with me as I sent my story through the dust and heat. Although I had never spoken to any of them before, we were sharing in a memory that will forever bond us and never be recreated. That’s the promise Bonnaroo lets you sign up for: let your guard down when you would normally stop and look at who is watching, don’t care for your “coolness,” just recklessly move or not move as you will, be exactly you and let your neighbor be exactly them. It’s a beautiful thing that has given me new vision, I can’t help but be thankful. I feel like I have a pitcher of ice cold milk ready to pour into Feather & Belle and Kopecky Family Band, with new fuel and focus.

After 2 solid days of performance and interviews, I got to venture through the dancing gypsy girls and sleepers to be a listener ready to share in the song. Memories I packed with me and my campsite were the soul singing guitar lines of My Morning Jacket, the flighty and fearless notes of Florence + The Machine, moving like a willow tree to Explosions in the Sky, the visual audio strength of Arcade Fire, and Mavis Staples reminding me that everything is spiritual. Bonnaroo was honest and unpolished and more moving deep in my spirit than I could have planned. Music and I had a fiery love affair as we rekindled an old flame. Now washing off my sandals in my Nashville tub, I am singing new songs, letting them be, knowing that if no where else on the planet, Bonnaroo can handle me and my music.

Check out some highlights from Bonnaroo care of the fine folks out there in media land.


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*Special thanks to Lulus.com for the red romper!

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4 Responses to A note from Kelsey Kopecky on Bonnaroo & her reclaimed love affair with music

  1. scott lee says:

    I was lucky enough to see you guys up close and personal at the On Tap Lounge and was blown away. Your vibe was exactly the medicine I was looking for! Thanks for a great set.
    I see your coming to The Masquerade in Atlanta on 6/23. I’ll see you there.

  2. Sarah() says:

    It can be really difficult to find perfect music for a given moment, but at the On Tap Lounge, first day of Bonnaroo, Kopecky Family Band was perfect music for me. Moments like that are the reason I went to Bonnaroo and are the reason I will be returning in future years Thanks for sharing that with us.

  3. nick says:

    Didn’t know quite what to expect outta my first Bonnaroo experience…and more than anything the experience is what I was after. Rolling into the festival grounds the first act I was able to catch was The Walkmen…the start to an amazing weekend long experience!

  4. nick says:

    and boy did I hate that I missed out on the Kopecky Family Band as apart of that experience!!

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